Friday, March 18, 2016

Ask Your Fence Contractor in Greeley the Benefits of a Privacy Fence

When you contact a fence contractor in Greeley about installing a new fence on your property, one of the first questions that they will ask you relates to the type of fence that you want to install. One of the most common fencing types on residential properties is a privacy fence, and there is good reason for this. A Secure, Private Perimeter A privacy fence has the unique characteristics of having tall wood slats placed very closely together. Most are installed in a vertical fashion with some fence posts placed evenly apart, but others are installed in a horizontal fashion. The result of both options is a secure, private feature that keeps intruders out of the year and that keeps pets and kids in the yard. While the slats may have a very narrow space between them, they provide almost full protection from prying eyes to give you the extra element of privacy that you desire in your yard.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Seek Help from a Fencing Company for the Right Type of Fence

As soon as you have an in-ground or above ground swimming pool installed in your backyard, it is important to find a fence company in Greeley to put up a safety fence around the pool. In many communities, there are strict regulations about the height that a pool fence should be. Once you determine this, then you can work with the builders to choose a fencing material that best suits your needs. Matching the Fencing to Your Deck When installing a pool, many homeowners have a deck builder in Greeley make a deck as well. The sealed deck not only serves the functions of having a clean and smooth surface for getting into and out of the pool, it also helps to disperse moisture from the pool and keep it off of the landscaping and out of the house. One way to create a beautiful pool fencing system is to have the fencing company, like Altitude Fence and Deck, match the wooden or composite fencing to the same material that was used to build the deck.