Friday, November 15, 2013

Three Great Wood Fence Options from a Trusted Greeley Fence Company

"“Usually built less than four feet high, picket fences are a classic decorative fence. What they lack in privacy and security, picket fences make up for in charm and visual style,” says the article. Picket fences are a classic—they're well-known for their simple yet effective appeal. Plus, their gates often blend perfectly into the overall look of the fence, which is perfect if you don't want a gate that stands out too much. When it's time to select a type of wood fence for your property, hopefully the info above will help you choose the right one. For top quality wood fencing or for any questions you may have about the material, you can consult Greeley fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fort Collins Fencing Tips—How to Take Proper Care of a Wood Fence

"Termites are extremely destructive pests that can literally eat an entire home made of wood down to the last speck. Popular wood fences such as redwood, fir, pine, and cedar are all susceptible to termite infestation. You can rid yourself of a termite problem by hiring a professional exterminator, but you may choose to do the job yourself by pouring or painting your wood fence with borax, a much less toxic insecticide option. If worse comes to worst and you'll need to replace your entire wood fence, don't worry. Fort Collins fence professionals like Altitude Fence and Deck can replace your wood fence in no time at all."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Denver Fence Companies: The Right Fence Type for Your Equine Friends

"Old electric fences were made of electrified bare wires, that's why many horse owners opted against it. However, modern electrified fencing now comes in PVC-coated wire, braid, and mesh. More and more horse owners today are using modern electrified fencing, although many remain adamant against it for humanitarian reasons and for animal protection. If you want to provide your horses with the best fencing system for the best price, Denver fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck can help. With the right fence, you can keep your steeds safe and secure."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fence Companies in Denver: How to Use Your Fence to Grow Vegetables

"If you plant heavy vegetables, pay close attention to how they develop, as they may become too heavy for the vine to support. To prevent them from falling to the ground prematurely, nestle them in slings and secure the sling to the fence. You can fashion a sling out of rags, pantyhose, cheesecloth, old socks, or even old diapers. A new dimension to growing vegetables When you plant vertically, you'll find a new dimension of gardening space where there was none before. Of course, the fence you plant your vegetables on needs to be made of quality material. Have fences made and installed by trusted Denver fence companies like Altitude Fence and Deck so you won't likely have any problems with them for many years to come."

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Materials for Fencing in Fort Collins—Benefits of Using Vinyl Fences

"A benefit not listed in Bady's article but is worth mentioning is that vinyl fences are non-toxic because they are not treated with hazardous chemicals. They are usually made from recycled materials. In terms of what it's made of, vinyl consists of 49% chlorine, a material derived from salt, and another 49% hydrocarbons, which are derived from natural gas. Fort Collins fencing experts at companies like Altitude Fence and Deck will only be too happy to talk to you more about the benefits of using vinyl fencing. Don't hesitate to call them if you are interested in installing a vinyl fence."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fence Companies in Denver Work with Cedar and Other Wood-Based Materials

"Fences provide privacy and safety to your family and pets. They also add to the beauty of your home and surroundings. Fences can be made of varying materials like wood, vinyl, bamboo, and iron, but your choice will still largely depend on your residential needs. Traditionally, wood has been the staple material for installing Denver decks and fences, and up to now, a lot of people still consider it for a number of reasons. A wooden fence generally enhances the aesthetic appeal of any home because of its classic feel; it is also a sturdy support for fence panels. Unlike other materials, a wooden fence is also easier to install because wood can be readily cut to the desired dimensions."